Album title "Mon Plaisir" has several meanings, and they accurately describe the contents of the album.
To see beautiful photos of beautiful women (best Petersburg's models posed for album) - this in itself is an aesthetic, visual,
sensual pleasure (mon plaisir in French - my pleasure), but also Monplaisir - a palace near St. Petersburg, and an allusion to high style, nobility of work, too - is the name of one of the chapters.

The peculiarity of the album is that it was conceived not as a collection of pictures by one author, but as a book with a plot narration,
where each chapter is a separate story, theme, gallery of images.

Totem. Woman as nature itself - a free, beautiful and capricious. Stylish and concise, like hieroglyphs, black and white nude photos.
Dark room. The shape - classic, in fact - provocative erotic pictures.
Studio Zero. Women who are aware of their perfection against the backdrop of modern interiors. The exciting aesthetics of the interaction of latex, metal, leather and sensual forms of charismatic models.
Love me. Hot emotions of sexuality.
Monplaisir. Aristocratic, sophisticated, elegant fashion-nude photography.
Extreme Chic.Acute, with a share of provocation, fashion photography. Chic, free women. Chapter, where each photo as a
poster or cover.

Album Monplaisir will be an unforgettable gift for lovers of artistic erotic, naked, fetish photos.
And for those who are trying to get or get carried away with a photo of models, this book is a must have


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