The album, composed of the most interesting works of the authors for 20 years of their joint work from 1998 to 2018,
is divided into chapters, each of which is the cause and effect of the photographic style of Aleksey & Marina.

Saint-Peterburg vision, Russian Red, Perfect woman, Time to leatherchange, Charisma, Eternal spring, Architecture of the Beauty - 7 chapters, directly talking about the nature of the creativity of photo-duet in the language of modern photography.

And this narrative - exciting and non-releasing, emotional, sensual, expressive, poetic, dramatic, idealistic -
immerses the viewer in an alternative world of special, surprising beauty, built by the authors.
It is hard to believe that this is a rich, diverse gallery - the result of the work of only two people:
the photographer Aleksey Kozlov and the designer and artist Marina Khlebnikova (of course, in collaboration with the girl-models!).

If these were only photographies - one could say about a special vision or manner, but "Charisma" is much more:
it is the philosophy, temperament and feelings of two independent artists "who are able to perfectly complement and raise ideas of each other", these are authorís costumes and images, it is a multi-genre in terms of fashion and style.

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Charisma is a quality that cannot be bought, educated, donated, handed down, it cannot be learned -
perhaps this is what our spirit earns over many earthly incarnations and later becomes a special emanation of the personality.
The album Charisma" is a thing that can become an decoration to any place. This album you want to review and review,
because all the photos in it are filled with this very quality.


Album-book of photographies and illustrations. When ordering, you can choose three cover options: SoftCover, DustJacket, ImageWrap. The choice of cover affects the cost of the book.

Volume: 148 pages.
In two languages - Russian and English.
Book size: 26 x 21 x 2 cm.
Digital full-color printing in the highest quality on dense semi-matte (118 g / cm) paper allows you to transfer all the richness of colors and shades of photos. UPS shipping (not included in the book price) guarantees the speed and complete safety of the order.