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Alexei, Aleksey and Marina the best Russian photographers. Winnwers of the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011 - art professional photography. PSA Gold Medal owners. Ňop photographers Aleksey Kozlov and Marina Khlebnikova (Saint-Peterburg, Russia). Gift Beauty Eternity - a personal way and a above-mission of photo-duet Aleksey&Marina. Alexei. A fashion, beauty, glamour, nu, erotic, art, creative. Exclusive portfolios, photoprojects and shooting for order, images for calendars, art photography (rare receptions in a photography), sale of photos and images, photosessions for magazines, Russian nude NU models. Photography by Aleksey and Marina: professionalism, creativity, experience, quality, responsibility, the highest art level of execution. Fashion photography, photosessions for magazines, an advertising photo for the fashion and beauty industry, art erotic photography, image, style. Photoadvertising of cosmetics, female linen, Russian naked photomodels. Photos for wall calendars with the most beautiful naked models, stylish desktop wallpapers in black-and-white and colour - free of charge to download. The best author's photography in Russia - sale of ready prints on a silver gelatin photo paper. An extreme photo - erotica, art, gothic style, X-files, fantasy. Series of higher class images for wall calendars - an elite photography, the most beautiful girls. A highly artistic erotica for wall calendars.

The stylish, refined, elegant, erotic photos of recognised photomasters of Russian art photography Aleksey & Marina (Aleksey Alexei Kozlov and Marina Khlebnikova) Winner of the Grand Prix Trophy VICTORIA Trierenberg. for calendars. Naked girls / women in erotic / sexual dresses by Marina Khlebnikova amaze imagination. Photographer Aleksey Kozlov possesses gift to inform to the spectator a live charm of individual beauty of each woman. In Aleksey and Marina online portfolio are collected their best photography, including old hand made prints, stylish design photos - wallpapers for a desktop, interview of authors to a world press, magazines, erotic slide shows and video with very beautiful girls-models. Gallery "Fashion & Beauty" (the Fashion, Style) - a bright selection of female images from a cover, beauty and style gallery; a fashion and style in a photography. Gallery "Nu" - the refined and sexual images (black-and-white and colour) the fine naked girls - models - author's style "fashion-nu". Gallery "People" - image photos of usual and well-known people, the creative approach to portfolio shooting. Gallery "Archive" - the best erotic photos of photo-artist Alexei Aleksey Kozlov till 1998 year - the manual printing, unusual receptions of an analogue photo, negative film processing. Gallery "Art" - an art erotic photography - a fantasy, an expression, a gothic style, - a boundless creative and art, author's style "Photopainting". Section "Wallpapers" - a gallery of superstylish wallpapers for a computer desktop - free for downloading, archive of wallpapers. Section "About us" - acquaintance to authors - a known photo-duet Aleksey and Marina - the best Russian photographers, publications of the best photos in a press, magazines, Gentleman, interview. Section "Video" - bewitching erotic slide shows, video-art - hypnotic beautiful girls.